Progressive Carbine 1

Nobody Stands Still In A Gunfight – Take Your Fundamentals to the next level by learning to fight with your carbine on the move! 

Paladin Level 2 Course & CCW Required


Paladin Response’s Progressive Carbine 1 course includes 6 hours of live-fire training focused on engaging multiple targets and harnessing the ability to fight on the move; movement to and from cover, shooting on the move, reloading on the move, and more! 

Most people who shoot a rifle will spend their entire shooting lives never breaking out of the flat range willow tree mindset. Gunfighting was not meant to be a sedimentary hobby; trust me, if there are bullets flying at you its time to move. Imagine being the guy who can only shoot his carbine when in an comfortable sitting/laying position with perfect bracing… a zombie invasion…..

This course is not based on any NRA or USCCA curriculums. You are getting the secret sauce from years of experience operationally training military and private military security specialists working in combat zones including a comprehensive breakdown of the evolutions of grip and stance over the past couple of decades of all disciplines involving shooting from competition to war fighting. We are also constantly researching and evolving our curriculums to reflect the latest training.  


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CCW Required & Must have completed Paladin Level 1 Course(s)


John Eynouf was a Ranger qualified paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne and served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also has served as a Protective Security Specialists (PSS) member and Vehicle Commander assigned to the Quick Reaction Force team on Task Order 9 in Kabul, Afghanistan for over two years.

John was responsible for providing movement security, specialized emergency services, and guard services for diplomatic missions in high threat areas. These areas include the protection of life, property, and information of the Department of State. Graduate of WPS 1 and WPS 2 protective security courses, as well as the WPS 2 quick reaction force course, and TCCC qualified. Trained extensively on room entry, small unit tactics, principal recovery, tactical medicine, vehicle extrication, and extraction of a principle from a downed vehicle.

As a result of Johns training and combat experience, he has identified critical thinking under stress as one of the main tenets of his training curriculums. His mission at Paladin Response is to instill strong foundational mechanics while helping his students develop critical thinking skills in order to become “Thinking Shooters” who have the ability to forecast a situation under stress and solve the problem in front of them in the safest most intelligent way possible..


Who is this course designed for?

Everyone! Whether you are brand new to shooting or a veteran of the armed forces you will find benefit in this course! 

What is the cost of the course?

Fall Special – 6 hours of live-fire training for only $225!! (Normally $350)

What topics are covered?

Gun Safety

Engage Multiple Targets 

ReadyUp Drills

Movement to and from Cover

Introduction to Shooting from Cover

Shooting on the Move

Tactical Reloads Vs Speed Reloads vs Emergency Reloads

Reloading on the Move

What do I need to bring to the course?

Carbine with Sling (2-Point Preferred)

Ammunition – 500 rounds Minimum

3-5 Extra Magazines

Spare Mag Pouches (Battle Belt and(or) Plate Carrier/Chest Rig Preferred)

Close-toed Shoes (Boots Preferred)


Bug Spray

Long Pants

Thick Belt


Pen & Notebook

Who can attend this course?



 Attended Carbine Proficiency 2  (Paladin Level 2) 

Valid CCW Permit

Don’t have a CCW permit yet? No problem! As long as you meet the legal requirements to obtain a FL CCW Permit, you can complete the required CCW Course with Paladin Response free of charge with the purchase of Handgun Proficiency 1!

What is the cancelation policy?

Please be advised that cancellations/rebooking request made up to 48 hours before a scheduled appointment via [email, text, phone call] will be processed without a penalty. Send cancellation requests to or text (407) 216-6440.

If in the event there is an emergency under the 48 hour timeframe to reschedule, there will be a rebooking charge of $25. However, cancellations made 48 hours or less before an appointment will be subject to a charge of [half of the service rate]. This includes appointments where our service provider is unable to access the property, is turned away, or the client is unavailable.

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CCW Required & Must have completed Paladin Level 1 Course(s)



Bottled Water

x5 Paper Targets – Improve Accuracy & Improve on Your Own

EXCLUSIVE Paladin Level 2 Alumni T-Shirt  

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CCW Required & Must have completed Paladin Level 1 Course(s)






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